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What diet should I follow?


Each of these diets is a fad that are probably suitable for some people, sometimes but not for everyone, all the time. This is because of the clear fact that everyone has a different digestive system, body-type and health condition. For example, one person has constipation while another person has loose stools. One person puts on weight easy while another person is underweight. Someone doing extensive physical exercise everyday has different calorie requirements than someone sitting at a desk all day. Menstruating women have different nutritional needs than men.

The list goes on . . . children, teenagers, pregnant women; nursing women all have very specific nutritional needs. Then of course, some people have inflammation, cardiovascular issues, joint pain, etc. which need consideration. The possibilities are endless! There can never be one diet for everyone. There is no "best" diet just the right diet for you!

So what is the answer? Ayurveda. They figured out thousands of years ago that there are different body-types with distinct digestive systems, just like there are different types of cars with different types of engines. When you know your type, then the dietary guidelines and recommended foods will create balance for you. Thin people will put on weight; overweight people will lose weight; the constipated person will have regular bowel movements etc.

Ayurveda teaches that our diet needs to support good digestion; not what necessarily has worked for someone else.  Its not what you eat but what you digest that is important. Most authors of "new" diets are just advocating what worked for them personally.  Ayurvedic diets on the other hand are well accepted by individuals since the recommend foods are generally the foods they prefer and the not the foods they don't like anyway!  In all cases, digestion will improve by following your appropriate diet, thus nutritional absorption will improve and thus overall health will improve. Additionally, like magic many typical health conditions of each body-type fade away. This is because the correct diet corrects the deep imbalance which was the cause of all the various health conditions!

An Ayurvedic consultation requires only one or two private consultations and will leave you with the knowledge to care for your body for the rest of your life. For more information about Ayurveda Consulting Services click here.

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