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Kapha Kitchari Cleanse:

If you have a Kapha constitution or a strong Kapha imbalance, then you will want to make sure your cleanse will reduce Kapha and the heavy qualities it possesses. 

Indications for a Kapha Kitchari Cleanse:
  • Excessive weight
  • Sluggish digestion, slow metabolism
  • Subjective feeling of heaviness
  • Dull, foggy mind
  • Low motivation
  • Excessive sleep
  • Chronic allergies
  • Chronic congestion
  • Candida or chronic yeast infections
  • Thick, white coating on the tongue

Since Kapha is heavy, stagnant and dull by nature (when out-of-whack), it is very important to make sure the cleanse is lightening, stimulating and heating for these slower, sluggish individuals.  Although kitchari should be the highlight of the mono-diet, it is highly recommended to avoid all rice products including basmati or brown, as these will increase the heavy, sticky qualities that is already prevalent in most Kapha imbalances.  Instead Kapha-types will do best with either a lighter grain such as millet or quinoa, or they can avoid grains all together and stick to a simple mung dahl and veggie mono-diet.  Kapha-types need to use oil in moderation and should not exceed 1 tsp per meal. They should instead incorporate a copious amount of heating spices such as Trikatu, dry ginger and brown mustard seed.  This will help to keep Kapha balanced during the cleanse, increasing the digestive fire and preventing further obstruction and heaviness.  In terms of length for the Kitchari Cleanse, Kapha-types can typically handle a prolonged cleanse and should do a minimum of 7-10 days if possible.       

Kitchari Cleanse Kapha

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