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Herbal treatments are well capable of managing allergies

Natural Treatment for Skin, Food & Respiratory Allergies 

An allergy is a spontaneous response of the immune system to any foreign material or environment.  It is often observed in people who are "sensitive", with low immunity and nutritional deficiencies.  Causes include poor digestion, improper diet, liver toxicity, and environmental factors.  Allergic substances that can cause reactions are bee pollen, dust mites, fungal spores, medication, pollution, chemical exposure, and specific foods. Seasonal allergies generally occur due to pollen, spores, and cold weather. 

The allergic person may have symptoms and in some cases, severe symptoms also occur.

Symptoms of the seasonal allergy

  • Nasal and chest congestion
  • Sneezing and coughing
  • Wet eyes
  • Itching sensation
  • Tiredness
  • Roaring nose and sore throat

Understanding Allergies

The proper cure for allergy is not present in the allopathic world, they only stop the symptoms and the course of medicines is compulsory throughout the season. Antiallergic drugs possess many side-effects, which can lead to complications sometimes. But if we talk about Ayurveda there are some medicinal herbs that can help to get rid of seasonal allergy with no side-effects. Also, the cause of allergy is the stomach, incomplete digestion of food releases toxins and which results in allergies. These toxins are foreign particles to the body and with the collection of these toxins, hypersensitivity condition arises.  Which in results shows sensitivity for the foreign allergens and raise problems.

Ayurveda relates allergies to overexcitability or hypersensitivity of the Nervous System. Allergies are more common among people who are hypersensitive, restless, do overwork, and are prone to stress. Allergic reactions take place when a person's immune system is weak. 

Allergies vary from person to person.

Dry type is responsible for nasal allergies like continuous sneezing and complaints of running nose. This type of allergies are often related to the digestive tract with symptoms such as burping, bloating, digestive problems, gas, vague abdominal pain. They can also include symptoms like wheezing or headache, as well as sneezing on change of temperature, ringing in the ears, joint pain, sciatica, muscle spasms, insomnia, and other discomforts. 

Acid type is responsible for allergies like wheat allergy, lactose intolerance, different food allergies, heartburn, hyperacidity, indigestion, stomach upset, nausea, or vomiting, and also redness and swelling in the eyes. This type of allergy are also skin related ailments such as hives, rashes, itching, allergic dermatitis, eczema. Pitta-type allergies can also cause hot flashes. 

Mucus type is responsible for allergies like hay fever, Bronchial asthma. This type of allergy symptoms includes irritation of the mucus membranes frequent episodes of cold, congestion, cough, sinusitis, water retention, bronchial congestion, and even sleeping disorders. In the digestive tract, this type of allergies can create a certain heaviness in the stomach and sluggish digestion. 

The protocol

The digestive tract and immune function are so intricately linked, proper food combining can provide essential support by helping to improve digestive health, which in turn, can improve immune health. Ayurveda outlines a number of foods that, while perhaps fine to eat separately, are incompatible with one another. 

There is a deep connection between digestion and immune function, the digestive fire can be utilized to support the immune system and reduce the chances of the development of allergies. When we observe a fast or follow a light diet regimen our bodies immediately allocate the extra energy to cleaning, rejuvenating the system for optimal performance. A dietary cleanse can help to relieve the digestive system. Cleanses help to clear toxins and have a stronger digestive fire—all of which will support digestive health, proper immune function, and fewer allergies. Cleanses can be as simple as a half or full-day fast, a juice cleanses, or a simple diet of rice, bean and cooked veggies.

The protocol includes specific whole food supplement recommendations, dietary guidelines, an allergy tea for maintenance or minor allergies, and a customized formula of herbs to cleanse the respiratory system and/or GI tract.  There are lots of medicinal herbs and herbal formulations available to deal with all kinds of allergic conditions but they need to be customized for each individual in most cases.  

This approach based on Indian and western herbs have proven to be helpful in providing relief and recovery from allergies of all types. (See testimonials)

Individualized treatment details can be provided during a private appointment in north San Antonio TX and Ojai CA or by Zoom with herbal products mailed.

Therapy requires one private consultations plus herbal products.

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