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Naturopathic therapies to lower blood pressure,
reduce cholesterol and improve circulation.

It is recommended that all persons over 50 undertake a version of this program to avoid heart conditions such as:*

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • High blood fat (lipids) levels
  • High blood pressure
  • Enlarged and weakened ventricles
  • Enlarged heart
  • Rigid ventricles
  • Thickening of the heart muscle              .
  • Inflammation of the heart

Heart disease
In my opinion, most chronic cardiovascular health conditions are completely preventable.  There is little dispute that dietary changes and exercise will go a long way to improve most heart conditions.  However, in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine herbal formulas are the most important factor for "reversing" conditions of the heart and improving circulation.*


Herbal Medicine Heart Care Treatments 

An individualized program with ongoing support.

 This treatments are holistic multi-faceted protocol using dietary guidelines, wholefood nutritional supplementation,  spices and herbal treatments to improve circulation, lower blood pressure and reduce fat (lipids) in the blood.  It appears the the combination of these treatments along with more physical activity is very effective at improving most cardiovascular conditions in about 30 days.  I have many testimonials remarking at how steadily their blood pressure came down and how quickly their cholesterol levels lowered while following a version of the this protocol.

Don't take your heart for granted,  care for it!

Treatment Plans

I will provide clear step-by-step guidance tailored to your schedule and needs. As part of the program, I will provide the recommended herbal formulas and supplements for your cardiovascular system.

  • Healthy Heart  Plan is for individuals with no chronic heart conditions but wish to proactively improve cardiovascular health by improving circulation, maintaining healthy blood pressure levels and reduce any vascular plaque.

  • Blood Pressure Reducing Plan is for individuals with elevated blood pressure who want to focus on lowering blood pressure with dietary changes, herbal formulas and natural therapies.

  • Cholesterol Lowering Plan is for individuals with high cholesterol levels who want to focus on lowering fat lipid levels in the blood with dietary changes, herbal formulas and natural therapies.

After reviewing your health history and current health condition the appropriate plan will be recommended.

Treatment Schedule

Additional cardiovascular support:

  • Nutritional therapy: Includes recommendations for essential cardiovascular supplements including natural (non-synthetic) sources of D, E and Magnesium
  • Therapeutic juicing
  • Kidney care

You will also learn:

  • Which foods and spices are the most effective to improve your heart condition.
  • Additional natural therapies and treatments available.
  • Additional whole-food nutritional supplements that can benefit your heart condition.

Overall benefits of the treatments: 

  • Reduce fatty deposits in the coronary arteries*
  • Improve circulation in the whole body specifically the heart*
  • Reduce blood cholesterol*
  • Prevent future cardiovascular health problems* 

Individualized treatment details can be provided during a private appointment in north San Antonio TX, Ojai CA or by Zoom with herbal products mailed.

Therapy requires one private consultations plus herbal products.

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Attention: Heart disease is a very serious, potentially life-threatening illness. You must continue to see your family physician or cardiologist on a regular bases.  If you are taking medication for heart disease, you should consult with your doctor or a medical consultant about stopping or reducing any dosage.


Mr Southwick  is available for private consultations in Bulverde TX, Ojai CA & remotely by Zoom worldwide.

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