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There is no need to suffer with PMS

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Understanding PMS 

Although many women think having PMS is normal, it's not. PMS is one of the first signs that the body may be on the path toward a hormonal imbalance.  Regular menstruation, absence of pain or tension, smooth flow, and balanced emotions are signs for good health for a woman.  However, most women suffer some difficulties with menstruation at one time of life or another, as part of the normal changes that life brings.

In Ayurveda, pre-menstrual and menstrual symptoms are seen as the best way to gauge the health of the woman.  In this view, pre-menstrual difficulties such as irritability, headaches, uterine cramping, lower backache, constipation, fatigue, and other related symptoms are seen as an imbalance in the woman's overall health, which manifest at this time in her monthly cycle. 

Using the ancient herbal remedies of Ayurveda, along with dietary and lifestyle guidelines, we're able to help women to balance their hormones and address the root causes of menstrual symptoms (such as dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, endometriosis, and other hormonal imbalances.)  We aim to help women have a smooth and healthy monthly rhythm, wherein menstruation is preceded by minimal symptoms, the menstrual flow is regular. In this ideal balance, menses is accompanied by a sense of release and relief.   

The protocol

The treatment varies greatly depending on the body-type and symptoms:

  • Vata constitution women generally have scanty menstrual flow with often severe cramping and lower back pain.  

  • Pitta constitution women usually have a heavy menstrual flow with possible clotting. There is often a fever or burning sensation accompanied by anger, irritability and short temper.

  • Kapha constitution women generally have moderate flow but a longer lasting period. Often it is accompanied with feeling so heaviness and tiredness with a desire to sleep. The breast tends to swell and there may be some edema particularly in the lower legs.

Herbal therapies to promote regular menstruation are usually indicated with use of emmenagogues (menstruation-producing), antispasmodics (for relieving muscle spasms) and nervines (to relieve cramping pain and calm the mind).  Special tonics for the reproductive system that naturally manage and balance the reproductive system hormones.

This protocol includes a home remedies, a PMS tea (1 week before menstruation) and an individualized Ayurvedic formula as required to balance hormones and regulate the cycle.   Basically, we see a high success rate with this approach with greatly reduced symptoms especially cramping and pain.  Swelling and mood related issues are often treated separately with other [ayurvedic] herbal remedies. 


Therapy requires one private consultations plus herbal products.

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