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Here is the opportunity to completely transform your health!

"I have been Khabir's patient for only one month so far but the results are fantastic: my digestion improved, I sleep better, my skin looks great and I have much more energy during the day.  His deep knowledge of Ayurveda and his skills as a Master Herbalist are life changing.  He is the first health practitioner I know who really gets to know his patients and provides a highly individual treatments. . . . I highly recommend him to everybody." Maria Blair      More testimonials.

Overview of Services

My general service is Traditional Holistic Healthcare, consisting of one-to-one consultations in Bulverde TX (Hill Country Health Ranch), Ojai CA (Khabir's Clinic) or via Zoom.  I provide an individualized and effective form of Nutritional Counseling and meal planning.  Using information from reading the pulse, tongue, eyes, skin, history of client, current state of toxins, and physical symptoms, I will make recommendations regarding diet, herbal formulas, nutrition, home treatments, lifestyle habits and more. 

I provide individualized detoxification programs for the colon, liver, lymphatic system, kidney/bladder pathway and more.  I formulate and provide herbal formulas, teas and seasonings as needed to improve digestion and address specific health issues. 

For chronic health conditions, I follow established protocols of whole-food dietary guidelines, herbal formulas and specific natural therapies, adjusted individually based on Ayurvedic principles.   Programs can be provided through consultations with herbal products provided at the time of appointment or mailed worldwide.

"We have to focus on the patient rather than the disease." Dr. Bernard Jensen, author of Foods That Heal and many others.

If you would like to know my views about your health or set an appointment, see: Fees & Online Health Assessment Forms.

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Mr Southwick  is available for private consultations in Bulverde TX, Ojai CA & remotely by Zoom worldwide.

Fees and Health Assessment Forms

Call or text (210) 453-5858 for more information.  For general inquires: email

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